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SUAS – Supporting and
Understanding Ankylosing
Spondylitis –
smartphone app

Using the SUAS – Supporting and Understanding Ankylosing Spondylitis – application you can now access reliable and comprehensive information about AS on your smartphone.

This application, developed by the ASAI in partnership with Waterford Regional Hospital Rheumatology Unit, allows people living with AS to:

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A key feature of the app is a suite of guided exercise videos compiled by the rheumatology unit at Waterford Regional Hospital.

Using the app you can:

  • View exercise videos with audio instructions

  • Create a customised exercise programme to ensure your routine is always interesting

  • Rate your videos and save your favourites

  • Unlock new exercises as you progress with your programme

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Learn more about Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) treatment and management

The SUAS app provides all the information you could need on AS, including diagnosis, signs and symptoms, treatment options and regimes your healthcare professional will offer. The app also details how best to manage your condition in different environments and situations.

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Access useful support resources and information

The SUAS app provides links to helpful resources and tools that are available to you in Ireland. The app will ensure you have the knowledge on what resources you need, what’s available and where you can get it.

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Find out more about managing the condition in the workplace

Working life can be difficult when living with AS, but it can be easily managed. The SUAS app offers advice and information on how best to manage and balance your working life while living with AS.

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Track and graph your progress over time using a functionality index

One of the smartest features of the application is the integration of the interactive BASFI test and the Work Instability test. These tests are vital for accessing the mobility and workplace abilities of someone living with AS. You can monitor your progress on your personal graph daily, weekly and monthly, and share your results across through social networks.